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GOODYEAR GROUP FOR TRADING AND INVESTEMENT.LTD is specialized in importing and supplying of various agricultural equipment (Solar Irrigation System,  Solar pumps, water pumps, Electric generators, agricultural equipment, etc….).

Our Products


Since the inception of the GOODYEAR GROUP, it is taking confident steps towards serving the agricultural sector with various modern agricultural equipment of high quality that are suitable to the local demand and meet the actual needs of the agricultural sector.

Renewable Energy

GOODYEAR GROUP is looking to provide the requirements of renewable sector to serve the agricultural sector in order to achieve the principle of “production more at a lower cost” and the contribution in supporting and encouraging the farmers towards using green energy economic development through providing the best means and renewable solar systems.


Our advantages


After-sales service​

Arabian Goodyear Company provides its customers with all after sales services: - Provide warranty service for products and maintain or change them during the warranty period. - Installation and operation of the products through a specialized technical staff and engineering with high efficiency. - Providing spare parts for all kinds of products. - Training and qualifying the customers on how to use and operate the products of our company, and provide all necessary advice and guidance to ensure the optimal use of the product.

Providing technical studies and consultations

Al-Arabia Goodyear has an administrative and technical cadre specialized in the field of technical studies and consulting: (design, supply, installation and maintenance of solar energy systems / feasibility study of solar energy projects / assessment study of the development of solar energy projects) and innovation of appropriate scientific solutions and the required interventions.

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